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The Wright Group LLC (TWG) is a private capital firm that invests, restructures and manages a diverse portfolio of emerging privately-held entities comprised of independent businesses and brands. TWG is privately funded thereby granting it the flexibility to selectively invest in desirable opportunities.

TWG has a long history and appreciation for entrepreneurship and business development with a focus on investing in ventures that focus on improving individuals, communities, organizations, and the environment.

In 2015, TWG made a strategic decision to develop an integrated multi-entity enterprise. TWG restructured its portfolio of businesses and brands to strategically align them to leverage their core competencies to improve overall enterprise performance; optimize the integration between entities; improve economies of scale; and to develop end-to-end strategies for delivering better solutions to our clients.

We refined our mission and used it as the foundation for the mission for each of our brands. Our aim is to be a socially and environmentally responsible investment firm. We remain committed to balancing profit and purpose. We are guided by a governance framework that focuses on social, education, economic, environmental, and experiential uplift. uplift.

TWG strengths are brand creation, brand development, and business development that are driven by creativity and strategy and fueled by a passion to make a positive difference in lives, communities, and the environment.

TWG currently has a portfolio of over 100 businesses and brands with plans to continue to grow. Since launching our initial businesses: The Success-Full Corporation which was divested into StrategicIsite, Heuristic Learning , and eblackwidow; and Field of Dreams, we have served thousands of clients and customers. With our consistent growth, we look forward to serving a global market.

TWG Investment Strategy

Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


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