About Us


The Wright Group

The convergence of emerging synergistic brands

Understanding our tagline...

> Convergence - moving toward union or uniformity; merging of distinct technologies, industries, or devices into a unfied whole.

> Emerging - newly created or noticed in strength or popularity.

> Synergistic - having the capacity to act in a synergism; synergy - the increased effectivenes that results when two or more entities work together resulting in the creation of a result that is greater than the simple sum of the individual entities.

What it means...

We are a community of independent brands that can be integrated to provide our clients holistic, seamless, robust solutions. Individual brands serve as key partners to another brands business model or supply chain.

The Wright Group (TWG) is a start-up of a start-ups. We are an entrepreneurial brand factory creating 1 or more new brands per week and bringing at least one brand to market per month. Our vision is to create a "community of relevant brands" that deliver holistic, seamless, personal and professional development solutions to our clients. We strategically bring brands to market based on a set of metrics that includes but not limited to the cost to launch, how the brand will be positioned within our enterprise portfolio, and ROI.

TWG's vision is rooted in the progressive development of individuals and communities. At the core of many of the TWG brands is a community vibe that is centered on developing and improving the lives of individuals, communities, businesses, and the planet. Our brands support global environmental protection organizations such as Ocean Conservancy, Nature Conservancy, and One Green Planet. We also support local programs. Supporting such initiatives is embedded in our enterprise strategy and culture. As we grow our support will grow.

Be Part of Our Community

We recruit individuals with the time, talent, and the willingness to use our technique. Our vision is to provide a place for talented, determined individuals to to grow and develop. We want to attract team-oriented, progressive, community minded professionals. We believe that if one has the right attitude, we can develop their aptitude. Our team members have a diverse background and experiences including former military, homemakers, retired professionals, etc.