• eblackwidow

    Fall 2016

    EBW has reinitiated its Internship Program. The first intern, Christine Erickson, known to us as Chris began working on her initial project on Nov. 21st. Chris will serve in the role of Business System Analyst. Chris is currently enrolled in Heuristic Learning's Data Science Professional Program offered at Union County College, Cranford NJ.

    eblackwidow has recently completed phase 1 of a web project for H Spirit Capital Management

  • strategicIsite

    Fall 2016

    SIS will begin working with H Spirit Capital Management providing strategic management consulting services that will bring value to many college campuses across the country.

    SIS has reinitiated its Internship Program for project managers and business analyst.

Upcoming Events

  • StrategicIsite


    IHAH will be hosting its Share Your StoryWriters Symposium in April that will feature a book signing for a NJ family of 6 authors along with writer workshops.

  • I M Possible Mall


    I M Possible is working on releasing the first edition of On The Verge, a digital newsletter (e-letter) that will contain content regarding all of our brands, calendar of events, and professional and personal development content.