The convergence of emerging synergistic brands

Our Strategy

TWG is a private capital firm with impact investing intentions. We remain committed to being a profit-purpose driven investment firm with a focus on human and environmental sustainability opportunities. Our vision is to become a leader in both areas. We currently only invests in internal ventures.

TWG has grown it's portfolio from 3 to over 65 brands using a creative entrepreneurial process. TWG manages its multi-brand enteprise by employing a master brand and integration strategy where it aligns and integrates all of its brands to provide clients end-to-end seamless solutions. This approach allows TWG to let each business retain its independence while leveraging the strengths and core competencies of each business.

Brand Level

Individual brands are established and developed using our Entrepreneurial Development Process™ method and are structured to be strategically positioned for integration with other I M brands. Each brand is developed to be an independent revenue generator as well as being easily integrated into our enterprise strategy.


We use co-marketing/co-branding strategies to maximize our marketing investments and to increase brand awareness.


We develop our brands organically as the means to maintain low debt and a strong financial position.

TWG Investment Strategy

Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


Parent Entities
Independent Business/Brands
New 2020 Brands
New 2021 Brands