The convergence of emerging synergistic brands

Investment Mission

We have hit a milestone in 2020 with creating over 100 brands with many of those brands evolving into independent businesses.

Our current investment portfolio is predominantly comprised of businesses and brands that focus on human potential. This includes education & training, personal, professional, and organizational development businesses and brands. The portfolio reflects our founder's commitment to make a positive difference and the best way to accomplish this is through education and development.

As we grew, we broaden our vision to include experiential businesses and brands. Like education, experiences shape an individual's life. We believe if we could provide the right experiences we could positively impact lives. We continued to expand our vision and included a third component which is exposure. Exposing people especially young people to new things, places and ideas can be a game-changer in their destiny.

We continued to expand our vision and began focusing on corporate clients. This was an obvious strategic decision being that our founder has spent years as a business and technology consultant to corporations of all sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500. This was pivotal as it unified personal and professional endeavors which fueled an explosion of creativity that led to further growth.

We have arrived at another pivotal point whereby we are unifying purpose with passion. This unification has furthered our growth. As part of our 2020 strategy, we are launching a non-profit and a co-operative. These new entities will balance our profits and purpose and further our commitment to making a positive difference.

We are positioning our firm to begin investing in external ventures in 2021 which extends our commitment to make a positive difference.

It has been stated that the two most powerful words in every language are "I AM". Maybe being led to name our parent brand, I M was not coincidental.

Impact Investing

Our aim is to be a socially and environmentally responsible investment firm. We remain committed to impact investing. We do this by a governance framework that encompasses social, education, environmental, economic, and experiential strategies and initiatives that we refer to as our SEE Framework for Collective Success.

We launched a separate non-profit entity, I M University (I M U) responsible for establishing SEE targets, metrics and overall governance to ensure our businesses and brands remain socially, economically, and environmentally conscious.

We understand that we and our entities are part of a larger ecosystem that includes our employees, clients/customers, partners, vendors, communities, and the environment. We are committed to doing our best to improve the well-being of all our stakeholders while mitigating negative impacts. This is a continuous process of learning how to balance profit, purpose and stakeholder needs. We may not achieve perfection in our quest to be a values-driven enterprise but we can always make progress.


Our financial objective is to make a profit so our ideas are evaluated to assess their marketability over a specified period of time. The idea has to meet a set of metrics to determine the feasiblity of being a brand or an independent business.


Once an idea is transformed into a business or brand, it is assessed and modeled to meet the SEE standards set by I M University (I M U) which is responsible for our human and environmental sustainability governance.


Our companies and brands are established on principles of equity, quality, and a valued experience for all of our stakeholders. We believe in the inherent power of diversity in all forms including thoughts and experiences.

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