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About Founder - Darin C. Wright

I have 3 major responsibilities in my role at The Wright Group, LLC (TWG).

First, I am responsible for transforming ideas into products, services, or businesses; business development; and the strategic alignment and integration of the entire TWG portfolio.

A primary requirement for investing in a new venture or cultivating an idea is the venture or idea must have some form of connection with an existing TWG business or brand. This allows existing resources to be maximized in the brand development. My second responsibility is finding and cultivating that connection. My third responsibility is the financial growth of TWG.

Before launching TWG, I had a diverse career that included being a corporate consultant, college instructor, corporate trainer, and parallel entrepreneur. Since launching TWG, I have expanded my toolbox by becoming certified coach (life, health & wellness, and nutrition coach) and a Climate Reality Leader (environmental activist).

Over a long career as a corporate consultant, I worked in various roles that included: technology, software development, data strategist, system architect, project manager, and strategist. I worked with diverse clients that included startups to well known enterprises such as AT&T, JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield, NJ Sports Exposition Authority of NJ, New York Botanical Garden, and Hackensack Meridian to name a few. I have worked with muncipalities, legal firms, and many start-ups.

I taught for two New Jersey colleges, one for over 15 years. I served as a program chair and instructor for Data Science Professional Program, Project Management Program, and the Marketing Program. In these roles I designed and developed the programs and curriculum, and served as the instructor for all the courses. In addition, I have taught a variety of courses including but not limited to strategy, innovation, web development, and Microsoft Office Suite of products. I have taught senior citizens, advanced teenagers, at-risk teenagers, and returning citizens. As a corporate trainer, I provided training for employees at organizations throughout the NJ/NY/PA area. I currently teach courses delivered by TWG entities in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategy & transformation, personal and professional development, and health and wellness, .

As a parallel entrepreneur, I have launched multiple businesses prior to the TWG portfolio that included retail stores, a salon, personal computer sales, vending machines, etc. Right before TWG, I was in the process of launching a yacht chartering business, Relation Ships Yacht Charters which I planned on being my final business to sail me into retirement. I have a picture of me happily showcasing the signed contract for the initial yacht. Well it didn't happen...yet! It was during this period that two things occurred: I became aware of the ocean environmental challenges which ultimately led me to become a Climate Reality Leader. and I was inspired to pursue my I M Possible Mall venture which came to me as an idea in 2004. I M Possible Mall is the core of the TWG portfolio.

My diverse background and working with diverse clients have been invaluable in building TWG. Recognizing the connection between my careers has provided the ability to detect the connection between our brands. Having the ability to synethesize ideas, concepts, events, etc. is a critical skill in a rapidly changing or even transforming environment. Serving in multiple roles and careers has made me better in the others. Being an instructor, consultant, and entrepreneur made me a better instructor, consultant, and entrepreneur and ultimately an excellent coach. Being a creative arts person, added to my strategic capabilities. You have be able to look at a blank sheet of paper and see a poem, story, or musical score. You have to see the invisible that which is does not exists except in your mind.

More valuable than my experience is having a "transformative and growth mindset". I recognized years ago that "intellectual and creative capital" are more valuable then financial capital.

I built the TWG's portfolio from three businesses using a technique I coined early in my career as, "Entrepreneurial Development Process" (EDP). EDP is a way of transforming ideas and transforming them into products or businesses.

For my education, I completed the Executive Masters of Technology Management Master's program at Stevens Institute of Technology and my undergraduate studies at the U.S. Naval Academy. I also studied at Wharton, University of PA. I have taken a multitude of online business, entrepreneurship, technology, healthcare, health, wellness, and nutrition courses at institutions across the globe.

During the COVID-19 pandemic I was inspired to become a Global Climate Reality Leader (environmental activisit), a certified life coach, certified diet & nutrition coach, and certified holistic wellness coach; completed the Diversity. Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) in the Workplace certificate program at University of South Florida - Muma School of Business as well as completing related DEI courses offered at other institutions. Currently, I am enrolled in the New York State Citizen Public Health Leader (Cornell University) certificate program and additional coaching certification programs. The Citizen Public Health Leader education will assist me in executing several community-based initiatives that will be launched through my non-profit. Feel free to review my coaching bio .

The TWG portfolio is marketed under the parent brand I M and is currently comprised of 4 rmajor entities:

The I M portfolio has over 100 brands at various stages of development consisting of independent businesses, products, services, community development, and environmental initiatives. This portfolio reflects my personal values and vision for improving, changing and transforming individuals and the world.

If this seems like a lot, well that's not all of it. I am not a great spectator which works because life is not a spectator sport. Life lived on the playing field is a continuous experience of improving, changing, and transforming fueled by continuous learning. You win, you lose, you learn, you continue on. Pursue your passion and stay in a constant mode of creation. There is something majestic about creating something new or different especially things that will outlast you. So create something every day. A poem, a song, a joke, a meal, a solution. It does not have to perfect. Just create with the intent to make the moment or life better! Live your life with passion and purpose.

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